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How the hell the way big profit when trading or selling Bitcoin? Of course You also had investors questioning this right?

Let's make your investment more profitable by knowing a few trading techniques Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Trading

To get the Bitcoin, there are 3 ways that you can be reached, i.e. as follows:

#1 mine the Bitcoin
The process of mining or mining Bitcoin Bitcoin is an activity of a specific device using Bitcoin mine, where it takes a breakdown of matematikan involving a number of algorithms and software.

With each mining carried out by miners Bitcoin (miner), each transaction will be validated, woke up, and stored in the new block in blockchain.

#2 bought it at Bitcoin Exchange
Well, if you trade in Bitcoin via Bitcoin Exchange, then you can say trading Bitcoin. Trading terms in the world of Bitcoin it means the process of buying and selling currencies Bitcoin with currencies of a country.

For example, as a citizen of Indonesia I can get it on your way using Bitcoin Rupiah.

There are many Bitcoin Exchange in Indonesia, one of which is the safest touted bitcoin.

Trading bitcoin can be done starting from 0.00000001 Bitcoin alone, considering the price is very expensive. Even in Your bitcoin can Transact ranging from 1,000 rupiah.

#3 obtain the Mercenaries in the Bitcoin

You can also obtain the Bitcoin without the need to purchase, gets paid in the form of Bitcoin. There is generally a certain site that provides a Bitcoin as payment by certain conditions.

For example You could fill out the captcha, watching ads, or play the game from those sites. Generally applied the system time will affect the abundance of Bitcoin can you receive.

For information on related sites that provide paid in the form of Bitcoin, you can access the forums the largest digital currencies in Indonesia, namely forum bitcoin indonesia.

Once you start gaining Bitcoin, now you can learn how to start its trading profit. Financial will discuss trading techniques so that you can always profit as follows:

Bitcoin Trading techniques to Profit
Need not be denied again that the majority of people trading Bitcoin for a profit. Thus it is clear that you can't do random, but must understand the technique basically first.

The most basic technique begins with getting to know market conditions, which generally is divided into 3 of the following conditions:

#1 Super Positive market conditions
Super positive market conditions is a condition in which prices will likely hold up Bitcoin throughout the day.

For example, one morning price Bitcoin is USD 42 million, but 3 hours later rose to Rp 42.100.000, and 5 the next hour ride back to Rp 42.300.000, and so on.

Keeping in mind the principle of trading Bitcoin i.e. "buying at low prices and sell them at higher prices", then arguably the market conditions like these are very supportive.

You can enjoy the increase little by little until the rise of the market becomes saturated. When the market is saturated, retreat to buy for a moment until the price could fall back.

#2 Super Negative market conditions
Contrast of the first market conditions, market conditions showed a decline in the price of super negative in trading Bitcoin.

For example, one morning price Bitcoin is USD 42 million, but 3 hours later dropped to Rp 41.900.000, and the next 5 hours down back to Rp 41.700.000, and so on.

When market conditions are like this, you should not force myself to buy because you will most likely experience the loss. Unless you are indeed thinking of long-term investment.

However, this does not mean that market conditions could not bring profit, lho!

Techniques of Trading-Bitcoin-so-always-Fortunately-3-Finansialku

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For example, when you have 2 Bitcoin with Rp 42 million purchase price, then the price went down to Rp 41.900.000.

You then realize that there is a tendency of prices will fall back to Rp 41.700.000.

That's when you can sell 2 Bitcoin at 41.900.000, so you earn Rp 83.800.000. with the money, you can then buy back the Bitcoin when its price is being dropped to Rp 41.700.000 2.01 you earn as a result. Bitcoin.

After that, the rest until there is movement up on price Bitcoin, and start doing trading again. Considering on the long run demand so increasing Bitcoin price potential to continue to rise.

#3 Stagnant market conditions
The third condition in trading Bitcoin is a time of stagnant market conditions price aka Bitcoin seems unchanged.

General market conditions like these make investors get bored. EITs, however make no mistake these market conditions may also give an advantage to you, lho!

This may happen for traders who do Bitcoin scalping (trading on the conditions of the very short period of time, less than 1 hour with a frequency often and with small sales target).

Stagnant conditions when price movements are highly predictable, i.e. by entering the net purchase price in low and specify the sale price is slightly higher than the price.

Automatically you will earn a profit this way. Thus, don't ever feel bored or saturated with stagnant conditions.

Thus you can use it with the way above, where you will continue to obtain notification of transactions and profited little by little.